Q. What do I need to bring for my appointment?

A. You will need to bring your referral and any radiology (X-rays, CT Scans, Ultrasounds or MRIs), together with any relevant information from previous doctors or allied health professionals. The more information you bring to your appointment with Dr Andrews, the better Dr Andrews is able to discuss with you your clinical condition and treatment options.


Q. Why do I need a referral?

A. You need to bring a current referral to enable your consultation fee to be claimed through Medicare. This is a requirement of Medicare and consequently your health fund and your insurer. Medicare stipulates that a referral from a general practitioner covers your visits for 12 months and a referral from a specialist doctor lasts for 3 months.


Q. What should I wear to my appointment with Dr Andrews?

A. Dr Andrews will need to examine the area of your body you are referred to him about. If you are female and seeing Dr Andrews for your shoulder, consider wearing something such as a sleeveless shirt or a singlet underneath your shirt that you can leave on whilst your shoulder is being examined.


Q. Will I need an MRI at my appointment?

A. When you book your appointment, it is more than likely you will need to have further investigations such as an MRI. Please keep in mind that it is not easy to book an MRI at short notice, and it could potentially take a week or two to arrange an MRI or other significant investigations. Consequently, if you feel this may be an issue for you, please ensure that you mention it to Dr Andrews’ team.


Q. Will I need an x-ray before my appointment?

A. This is a commonly asked question by many patients and the answer is typically yes, you will need an X-ray prior to your appointment with Dr Andrews and any subsequent appointments. You will be notified by Dr Andrews’ team if an X-ray is required on the day of your appointment. The radiology facility is located in the Brisbane Private Hospital and an appointment will be arranged for you by the team of Dr Andrews.


Q. What hospitals does Dr Andrews operate at?

A. Dr Andrews operates exclusively at the Brisbane Private Hospital.

Q. What days of the week does Dr Andrews operate on?

A. All day Wednesdays and all day Fridays at Brisbane Private Hospital.

Q. What time will I arrive for my scheduled surgery?

A. You will be provided with an admission time 2 days prior to your surgery. The hospital will coordinate with Dr Andrews rooms of the arrival and fasting times for your admission. You will be notified by the team of Dr Andrews in relation to your admission and fasting times. You may also receive a telephone call from the Brisbane Private Hospital admissions department to ask you some questions and confirm your admission for surgery.


Q. When will I go home after my surgery?

A. Typically, most procedures performed by Dr Andrews, are either day surgery or require 1 to 2 nights admission in the hospital. You will be advised of your hospital admission time by Dr Andrews’ team, once the surgery has been discussed with you by Dr Andrews. Almost all of Dr Andrews’ patients will see a physiotherapist or a hand therapist the next day, and discharge is usually around 11am. Dr Andrews will also come and see you the next day after your operation on the ward. Before being discharged from the hospital, the nursing staff on the ward will change your dressings and collect your pain relief medication from the pharmacy on your behalf. You will be provided with an envelope with your appointments to return to see Dr Andrews for your postoperative care.

Q. Can I see Dr Andrews without a referral?

A. You can see Dr Andrews without a doctor’s referral, however by law, you will not be able to claim a rebate from Medicare or your private health insurer without a current referral.

Q. Can I get my doctor to back date a referral after I see Dr Andrews?

A. No, your referral must be current at the time of the consultation with Dr Andrews.

Q. How can I pay for my consultation with Dr Andrews?

A. Full payment is required at the time of your consultation. You will be issued with a receipt following your payment which you can utilise to obtain your rebate through Medicare. Dr Andrews has EFTPOS facilities available for credit card and debit card transactions. You can also pay by cheque or cash. A direct deposit EFT facility is not available in the practice of Dr Andrews.

Q. Estimate of fees?

A. Prior to your surgery you will be provided with a surgery information pack which will include a letter detailing your admission, a consent form for you to sign, and an estimate of fees. Please note this information may not be provided if an emergency procedure is needed, or if you are directly admitted to the hospital. The team of Dr Andrews are able to provide you with a fee estimate prior to your surgery. Information will also be provided to you relating to your anaesthetic and assistant fees cost together with the hospital stay. A contact for these parties is included in your surgery information pack for you to make your own enquiries.

Q. Do I need to shave or wax before my operation?

A. No, it is preferred you do not shave or wax before your surgery, you may find that the admission team at the hospital or nurse may shave the operative site if Dr Andrews requires. It is important to keep the site of surgery free from scratches and abrasions. Skin health is very important to your surgery and abrasions, cuts or pimples may cause for your surgery to be cancelled.

Q. Can I wear deodorant under my arms on the day of surgery?

A. No, please avoid using deodorant, perfume or moisturisers the morning of your surgery.

Q. Do I need to remove my nail polish from my fingernails or toenails?

A. It would be preferable if you could remove all nail polish before admission.


Q. What clothes should I wear to hospital?

A. It is best to avoid button up clothing or shoes with complicated laces or buckles. Slide on shoes and slip on clothing that is comfortable and easy to wear is ideal.

Q. Where do I arrive on the day of my operation?

A. Please present to the main admissions counter at the front entrance of Brisbane Private Hospital.

Q. What do I do if I think my wound might be infected?

A. Infection is extremely rare; however, it can happen. Please contact Dr Andrews immediately on the telephone numbers provided by Dr Andrews’ reception team if you feel that you have an infection.

Q. What do I do if I need further pain medication?

A. If you require further post-operative pain management support than what has been dispensed by the discharging anaesthetist, it is usually best to contact your general practitioner in the first week of discharge. You can also contact Dr Andrews’ practice and they will be able to assist you.

Q. Will I need a physiotherapist or hand therapist post-surgery?

A. Most shoulder and elbow conditions will require a physiotherapist to care for you, in conjunction with Dr Andrews. Hand therapy will also made be available to hand and wrist patients. It is very important these appointments are kept and your rehabilitation program is followed.

Q. Will I require antibiotic cover for dental treatment following my surgery?

A. Not typically, however can you please advise Dr Andrews or Dr Andrews’ team, if you are undergoing any dental treatment or have other medical conditions that need additional care or consideration.

Q. Can I fly following my operation?

A. Yes, you can fly the day following your surgery, however Dr Andrews recommends that you don’t plan for any long-distance travel in the first few days after your surgery as you may be a little nauseous or sore following the operation. You will need to obtain a Fit to Fly Certificate from the ward nursing staff on your discharge. Please keep in mind that there is an increased risk of DVT following any surgical procedure, especially if flying. If you are at risk of a DVT, please notify Dr Andrews and we can arrange for some stockings to be provided to you whilst travelling.

Q. Can I drive after my surgery?

A. This is highly dependent on the type of surgery and type of condition that you have. It is important to discuss your ability to drive with Dr Andrews at your consultation prior to your operation.

Q. Do I need to stop taking my vitamins and supplements?

A. No, Dr Andrews is happy for you to continue taking vitamins, however if you do need clarification, please do not hesitate to clarify this with Dr Andrews team, prior to your surgery.